lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

food piramid

In ths lesson a going to talk about the foods and my diet.

well first i love the vegetables and the rice, my favorite food is te pizzas and the pastas, I eat a lot of bread the fruits, I don't have a favorite fruit because I eat and love the fruits but I dn't like the zapote, but one f my favorite fruits is the semerucos, I don't like the broccoli, the spinach,

Last Weekend

in this lesson we studied how to explain what I did last weekend when my friends tell me about it. in a short composition.

well the last monday I slept all day because I didn'd have homework xD.
the last tuesday I finished my final work of computation and slept in the afternnon.
the last wednesday I studied a little and watched tv .
the last thursday I studied all day for my accounting test.
The last friday I slept all day.
the last saturday I went out with my brother to bought my mother's gift
and the last sunday I played basketball all day.

And what about you?? if you want to tell me about yor last week try xD.

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

La feria de la chinita

In this composition we are going to know te favorite celebration on my city

In the city of Maracaibo people celebrate a festival called (Feria de la chinita) this celebration it’s done on November and this festival it’s celebrated for 3 days the 17, 18, and 19.

This festival it’s celebrated because people celebrate the miracle of the virgin of the (chiquinquira) that’s the reason why the people celebrate this festival.

Well, in this festival there is a event called (El amanecer gaitero) were a lot of musical groups sing for all night in different places, and also the (corrida de toros) that event is made in (Plaza de toros).

I celebrate this festival with my family because I have 17 years old and I can’t go to the (amanecer gaitero) and that’s the reason why I have a more calmed celebration

Well I think that it’s a great celebration and the people love it so much, that’s the reason why different people come to Maracaibo from different places to celebrate it.

do you have a favorte celebration? well write all you know about it

the ramadan

In this lesson we studied see a little about the ramadan, the celebration in egypt

The country of Egypt is a place in northern Africa; the most of the people who live there believe in a religion called Islam the people who believe in that religion are called Muslims they believe in a god called Allah, and they celebrate a festival called Ramadan this festival it’s celebrate in the ninth month and the length of this festival always lasts for one month.

For the religions things, the Ramadan it’s a special time for the Muslims, because it’s a time for prayers to they god Allah, they pray five times a day, in their houses or in the mosques, the mosques it’s a temple or a church.

They prepare for the Ramadan, waken up before the sun rise and they eat a big breakfast called Suhur because they don’t eat or drink from the sun rise until sunset all this is when they fast, that breakfast will give them all the energy they need for the day and for the Suhur they may eat fruits, frosted pastries, scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes and they drink milk or fresh orange juice to keep healthy and strong and they thank Allah for giving them the strength to fast.

I think that It’s a good festival because people like it and it’s about the religion, but I don’t like the idea of fast for all day.

and you? you know a little about others relegions or diferents things in the world try to know a little more

my presentation

In this lesson we going to know a little about me is ot much but it's all i want to say xD

Hi, my name is Daniel Amaya but everybody calls me Daniel, I’m from Maracaibo originally. I’m 17 years old and I study accounting at URBE. I live in Maracaibo in la urbanizacion los pinos.

I love…
Reading listening music, dancing on weekends, plays basketball, eat pizzas and pastas and play damas.

I hate…
Working hard on weekends, smoking, the alcohol and the drunken people

My dream is…
Be a basketball player and meet Michael Jordan, going to live in a beautiful place with much plant.

My opinion about English…
I think English is a very useful in the present world, and it’s necessary because the factories and the corporations need people that know how to speak English because its necessary language it’s the most language used in the world.

and you? do you want to introduce yourself?? try if you want xD

the celebrations

In this lesson we studied vocabulary related to the celebratios.

well my favorite celebration it's my birthday it's on may 10 and i like this celebration because i can cake xD

this i a composition franklin answer the cuestion about this composition xD

His name is Franklin, his favorite month is July because it’s vacations time, his favorite days of the week are Fridays because he can go to parties, his birthday it’s on April 28, he was born in Ciudad Ojeda, his favorite celebration it’s his birthday because has a lot of fun those days, it’s on April 28, he celebrate his birthday doing parties, and this year he’ll be doing a party.

Well what about you? do you have a favorite celebration too? please write a comment

the best sport in my life

we going to know little about the basketball in this lesson of the sports

His name is Eurit, hi likes the basketball, he play the basketball, he only play the basket, he watch sports on TV, he sometimes watch the sports in he’s rest time, he play more when he’s in vacations time, he play in the afternoons, he plays with his friends and me, he think the sports is very necessary in our lives because we have a good body because of that, he’s favourite sport is the basketball, he’s favourite team is the Miami Heat and he’s favorite player is Dwayne Wade, he think that he’s talents are the velocity and agility because of practice, and he’s talents are athletics.

This is the composition about the sports, my brother answer all the cuestions about his favorite sport